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Many successful national brands and franchises rely on our quality in-house manufacturing paired with friendly customer service.

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Franchise owners know their brand will remain consistent with other sign packages across the country.

Commercial Signs Kelowna Illuminated Channel Letters

Let your business be clearly seen with LED Illuminated Channel Letters that bring your companies branding to life!

Commercial Signs Kelowna Custom Sign Products

We manufacture, service and install several custom sign products. Pylon Signs, Channel Letters & LED Illuminated Cabinets

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We work hand in hand with skilled graphic designers to bring your companies vision to life!

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Local business owners praise our attention to detail and friendly customer service.

  Commercial Signs Kelowna

We are Commercial Signs Kelowna - A full service sign company operating in the Okanagan valley city of Kelowna B.C since 1976. We manufacture LED channel letters, neon, fluorescent and other electric signs. We are also able to provide graphic design and installations for billboards, vehicle graphics, store signs and sign faces. Some other products we are able to provide for your company include show displays, car decals, neon lighting, neon signs, window decals, vehicle wraps, custom letters, custom decals, vehicle decals, LED signs and other vinyl graphics.

We have two fully equiped bucket trucks at 38' and 42' as well as a 40 ton crane truck readily available for larger installations. Our univan body on the Isuzu chassis is the fully stocked service vehicle. It carries all sizes of T-12 High output fluorescent lamps as well as magnetic/electronic ballasts, transformers, lamp sockets, and all the other service requirements components in electrical signs. With a licensed electrician we are also capable of doing installations of illuminated store signs or service work on electrical signs for Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and the surrounding area.

We are also a QAI Laboratories approved manufacturing facility. Here, you will find a full copy of our listing report detailing our CSA standards and manufacturing certifications. All of our electrical sign products meet CSA and RUc national standards.

Here at Commercial Signs Kelowna we hold great pride in our quality standards with all of our products and services. We provide both manufacturing and installation of channel letters for a wide variety of clients. Our channel letters are made entirely in-shop using only the highest grade of materials and machinery. With the use of a SDS AdamsTech automatic channel letter bending machine, we are able to maintain a consistent level of outstanding quality assurance. All of our illuminated products are manufactured using Hanley LED Solutions. As an industry leader in LED technology, Hanley offers a 50,000hr / 60 month warranty on all LED products. We are also capable of retro-fitting your old neon channel letters with new energy efficient LED's. Giving you a brighter and more economic solution for your store sign.

  Kelowna Sign Manufacturing & Installation

Commercial Signs Kelowna teams up with our range of install partners throughout Canada and America to allow us to manufacture and install large numbers of signs for broad reaching corporate rebranding changeovers. We can handle your surveys, municipal permits, removal, disposal and installation. We are also familiar with local bylaws regarding restrictions on sign sizes and types.

Our shop is equipped with an SDS AdamsTech automatic channel letter bender, clincher, welding equipment for steel and aluminum, cut off saws, bandsaws, sheet-metal breaks, drills, impacts, panel saws, and a CNC router table. We have a fully functioning neon plant that includes two sets of neon fires and a processing plant for illumination of completed tubes. All aluminum signs are painted using the Matthews brand urethane enamel paint system. Matthews brand paint delivers vibrant intense colors and has an excellent adhesion process for aluminum and steel.

  Customer Satisfaction

For many people buying a sign is something they may only do once in a lifetime. Here are a few questions to ask a potential sign company to prevent this from being a bad experience:

Do they manufacture all the components of the sign? Or do they “farm out” portions of production to the lowest bidder? Sign companies will sometimes have some or all of the sign built by another company which can lower quality and increase production time.
Commercial Signs manufactures all Channel Letters, LED/Fluorescent Illuminated Cabinets, Pylon Signs and other electrical products in-house at our Kelowna location.

Can they provide you with customer references? A well established sign company should have a wide variety of samples of their work and customer testimonials available for you to see.
We invite you to view our online gallery of our work and review testimonials from some of our great clients.

For electrical signs, are they a manufacturer certified under one of the governing electrical certification bodies such as QAI, CSA or ULc? Do they have a licensed electrician on staff to make the final connection?
Our licenced staff manufactures electrical products to exceed provincial standards. We are a QAI Certified manufacturer of electrical products capable of electrical sign service and installations.

  LED Channel Letters

Commercial Signs has provided a vast array of quality signage, branding and identity products to a wide range of customers for more than 20 years. We provide our products and services on a larger regional and national levels to retail, commercial and industrial clients require high quality signage, superior project management and customer relations. Our capabilities are broad reaching. We manufacture channel letters, wall signs, pylon, pole and monument signs, sign cabinets, awnings and canopies, trade show exhibits, neon, large-format printing and digital printing.

Channel letters have become a popular choice for recent new signage. They are a three-dimensional illuminated letter with aluminum signs and a plexiglass front. We have a SDS AdamsTech automated channel letter machine that fabricates the peripheral edge of the letter out of aluminum coil. It is then attached to a cut aluminum back by means of a mechanical clincher device. The acrylic letter face is glued to a trim cap that allows it to be fastened to the front of the open letter. The letter can be designed to have a clear plastic back that creates a "halo" effect as well as lighting the front of the letter. Letters are not the only thing that can be made using this method. There are also "channel shapes”. These are the logo shaped sign cabinets populated with LEDs on the interior but assembled in the manner of a typical 5 inch deep channel letter. Both can be mounted to an Alupanel "carrier” box that not only creates a raceway for the wiring but allows for a decorative backdrop for the letters. There are also "raceways" that are typically narrower than the letter heights but allow all the letters to be mounted away from the wall. The raceway also houses all the "drivers" that provide the twelve volt power to the LEDs in the letters. All of our illuminated products are manufactured using Hanley LED Solutions. As an industry leader in LED technology, Hanley offers a 50,000hr / 60 month warranty on all LED products.

  Graphic Design

Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best service we can. This begins with our graphic design service. We can help you design a logo that suits your tastes and company requirements as well as use your logo for other aspects of your business such as advertising, menus, attire and promotions. As part of the service we offer in the construction of your signs and graphics our designers will endeavor to give you the best possible representation of your business that is aesthetically pleasing as well as high impact and eye-catching. Also, can also build your website optimized for both desktop and mobile applications as well as any menu design for TV monitors etc. that might hang in the store.

Your logo can also be used for vehicle wraps to allow you a mobile advertising version of your company statement as well as awnings, pylon signs, fascia cabinets, facia channel letters etc. We can also manufacture interior wall graphics that are applied like wallpaper would be. We're also able to manufacture all of your interior architectural signage. Signs such as bathrooms, directional signs, cut acrylic letters, cut foam letters, window graphics and window etch vinyl application. As part of the service we offer we will survey your location and supply the city with all of their requirements for permitting enabling you to be free from any of the responsibilities in regard to the appearance of your new business. We will coordinate with your contractor to determine electrical requirements for signs and timing for their installation.