Project: Okanagan Regional Library

With 22 Locations Across the Okanagan
  • DATE: 2017 — 2021
  • CLIENT: Okanagan Regional Library
  • PROJECT TYPE: Illuminated Exterior Signage


“We are truly grateful for the exceptional work Morgan and his team have done on the library signs. The library’s appearance has been significantly enhanced thanks to their dedication and skill in creating and installing a diverse array of signs across our community. Furthermore, their expertise in designing and constructing interior wayfinding features for several of our libraries has been invaluable. We wholeheartedly endorse Morgan and his team for projects of any scale, as their professionalism and craftsmanship are unparalleled.”

Okanagan Regional Library
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About Okanagan Regional Library’s Signage

With 22 locations across the Okanagan, each has a custom sign package from us at Commercial Signs. We worked alongside a marketing rep for Okanagan Regional Library to create a cohesive look across all locations and provided samples of our products to determine exactly what works best for the brand. We created sign packages that include custom channel letters built at different heights to create depth and utilized dual-colour films to appear black during the day and illuminate white during the night.

• Custom painted channel letters

• Custom-built heights to create depth

• Dual-colour films to create an illusion

• 22 locations across the Okanagan with a custom sign package