Project: Advance Dental

Located in Kelowna, BC
  • DATE: May 2018
  • CLIENT: Advance Dental Group
  • PROJECT TYPE: Illuminated Exterior Signage

“Thank you, Commercial Signs for your excellent work and service. Our experience and the work you have done has been outstanding.”

Andrew Macdonnell – Advance Dental Group
Google Review

About Advance Dental’s Signage

We started working with Advanced Dental to create their Coming Soon Banners. Not long after, we were building their exterior illuminated channel letters and the interior signage for the business. We worked alongside interior designers, and the business owner to create a modern, cohesive look for the interior etched film. Resulting in a custom glass reception area, with stand-off acrylic letters on a glass wall with a custom printed film.

• Custom glass with stand-off acrylic letters with custom printed film

• Exterior illuminated channel letters

• Interior illuminated feature walls with a combination of first & second surface film applications

• Created a modern interior etched film